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firmware update problems

  1. Amit Dunsky

    Country code not updated and distance limitations [RESOLVED]

    Gear: DJI Avata. Integra Goggles. Motion 2 controller. Following the latest firmware update, I got an annoying "Country code not updated" message on my screen and in my flight logs. Additionally, my flight distance got limited to 50 meters. I know - the first reaction is "login to your DJI...
  2. Paci Fista

    Wake me up when it's OK to upgrade my Smart Controller !

    I have followed the forum threads on the SC firmware upgrade (6th and 11th January 2020), and refrained from upgrading till it's safe. This is standard procedure in large software installations: you wait till the Seattle firm has worked out the bugs, which is usually by the time they release the...
  3. N

    DJI Mavic Pro Battery signal error after firmware update

    Hi, I have just recently updated the firmware on my Mavic pro, it was flying perfect on both batteries a few hours before the update and now it wont accept either battery and wont take off due to the error. Everything else seems to be working fine apart from this. All batteries are genuine DJI...
  4. pierakim

    [HELP] - Mavic Pro No Longer Usable After FW & App Update

    Hi everyone, I bought a Mavic Pro three weeks ago and what an amazing bird! I took the time to read a lot of things about it, how to set it, to calibrate it, to use it the right way..And people from this forum helped a lot! I didn't want to crash it or to miss something from the config. During...
  5. B

    Sys Warning Check App- app displays no warning

    Hi all, I've had my magic for a few days now. And since day one there has been an error that says "sys warning Check app'. It is displayed on the controller however when i go in to the app there is no warnings. I have treid to update firmware via Dji assistant 2 and It seems stuck in a...