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Country code not updated and distance limitations [RESOLVED]

Amit Dunsky

Well-Known Member
Aug 7, 2022
Zikhron Ya'akov, ישראל
  • DJI Avata.
  • Integra Goggles.
  • Motion 2 controller.
Following the latest firmware update, I got an annoying "Country code not updated" message on my screen and in my flight logs. Additionally, my flight distance got limited to 50 meters.
I know - the first reaction is "login to your DJI account", but believe me when I say - I'm not new to the DJI world, the Avata is not my only drone, and I know my way around the DJI services maze. The drone was (and still it) by all means linked to my DJI account. Also, although the logs suggests so, it is clearly visible in the screenshot that there wasn't any GPS problem.

I tried refreshing the firmware using Assistant 2, but to no avail. SO FRUSTRATING...

After researching this issue all over the world wide web, and running multiple tries, I kind of compiled a set of steps to get this issue resolved, and so I'm documenting it here, should any one ever need to tackle this issue. Here's how I resolved it:
  • Unbind the aircraft from my DJI account.
  • Reset everything back to factory defaults (also, to be on the safe side: I formatted all storages - the drone's internal and external, as well as the Integra's. Probably not really needed).
  • Reboot the drone, the MC2 and the Integra.
  • Rebind the aircraft to my DJI account.
  • Download and re-install the latest DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drones Series).
  • Connect each of the Drone, Integra Goggles and the Motion Controller 2 to my PC, and refresh the latest firmware, even though it was already installed. This might be the most important step!
Once the all those steps were completed, the "Country code not updated" error message was gone, as are the distance and height limitations. What a relief.. 😅


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