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  1. PaulArcher

    Drone Fishing with DJI Mavic Drones (Is it possible?)

    Hey guys, Just letting you know I've extensively researched the subject of fishing with a drone and I've been amazed to find out there's a ton of accessories for fishing even for small drones like the DJI MIni 2. I've written an article covering all the best fishing drones, accessories and how...
  2. J

    Mini Small flight in a village in the Atlantic forest - Brazil

  3. M

    Mini Mavic Mini fishing in Horrocks Western Australia

    just a quick you tube vid of my first attempt at fishing with the Mavic Mini, great weather helped us achieve a drop over 400mt out from shore. no fish but a successful day. you an see the bait release at the 1 min mark. enjoy.
  4. blackomega

    Frenzy at the local boat launch

    Just another day at the boat launch when the weather is nice
  5. N

    Lake Lanier - Mavic Air 2

    A fun day of fishing on Lake Lanier in Georgia! Shot on the Mavic Air 2 and Samsung NX-500
  6. blackomega

    Sea Lions having fun looking for food

    Here is a fun video of sea lions fishing for Oolichans. They are a tiny fish that runs through the Skeena river once a year. It is a Seafood buffet. Enjoy the video
  7. desertvet38

    Hillsborough County Sights

    Just a quick video I put together of some areas around where I live. I love living on the Gulf Coast. Lot's of wildlife and ships. Anyways, I've been practicing getting better at editing my videos, and I think this is the best one yet. You decide... Constructive criticism welcomed! Thanks...
  8. H

    New M2P pilot with interest in fishing and cycling

    Hello all. I am new to the drone scene. I only have a couple of M2P flights under my belt. I have interest in photography/videography and my other hobbies include fishing and cycling. I recently bought a gannet release system from Drone Sky Hook. I took it to the beach today and failed twice...
  9. D

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia

    My name is Pete and I am the proud owner of a Mavic Pro with about 3 hours of air-time. I am mainly interested in the photographic aspect but will also be using it for fishing - like in the video below:-
  10. T

    Mavic Pro - Fly Fishing & HOOKUPS!

    Loving this thing for filming, sooo versatile, it's been very reliable for my on the S7 with all the latest updates, no disconnections even out to 4km+. I just put her up in the air and pray for a hookup! Filmed in New Zealand - this country is just made for drone filming! Enjoy! Andrew
  11. TheSaffer

    Some footage I took on holiday in South Africa last month.

    This video clip was a clean edit with no color correction and and every shot was done with auto settings. I will post the final edit after the cleanup here next week some time... Overall I am very happy with this little drone! The wind was blowing strong almost every single day this month in...