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  1. H

    New M2P pilot with interest in fishing and cycling

    Hello all. I am new to the drone scene. I only have a couple of M2P flights under my belt. I have interest in photography/videography and my other hobbies include fishing and cycling. I recently bought a gannet release system from Drone Sky Hook. I took it to the beach today and failed twice...
  2. D

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia

    My name is Pete and I am the proud owner of a Mavic Pro with about 3 hours of air-time. I am mainly interested in the photographic aspect but will also be using it for fishing - like in the video below:-
  3. Coboblack

    Live The Obsession

    Live The Obsession: Knee Deep in Fish What is your obsession? Are you living life? Are you chasing your dreams? From fishing to Jiu-Jitsu, from cooking to dancing, are you passionate about something? I don't care what it is, from back packing to running marathons, from racing cars to...
  4. T

    Mavic Pro - Fly Fishing & HOOKUPS!

    Loving this thing for filming, sooo versatile, it's been very reliable for my on the S7 with all the latest updates, no disconnections even out to 4km+. I just put her up in the air and pray for a hookup! Filmed in New Zealand - this country is just made for drone filming! Enjoy! Andrew
  5. TheSaffer

    Some footage I took on holiday in South Africa last month.

    This video clip was a clean edit with no color correction and and every shot was done with auto settings. I will post the final edit after the cleanup here next week some time... Overall I am very happy with this little drone! The wind was blowing strong almost every single day this month in...