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flight modes

  1. Z

    Rock Climbing Intelligent Flight Mode HELP

    Hey there, anyone have any advice for using intelligent flight modes while videoing my daughter rock clinbing. I gave it a shot this weekend and wasn't happy with the results. Using a mavic pro BTW. Just wouldn't seemto follow her vertically. I tried to set it to follow and put the remote down...
  2. Cheech Wizard

    Changing Flight Modes... "don't show again".

    When I change flight modes, I get a description of the mode and when I click "Don't show again"... it keeps showing again. Any fixes?
  3. P

    Lock on POI during manual flight

    Hi ! I am searching for a simple solution to freely fly my Mavic, select POI during the flight and then have the camera locked on that POI while still flying manually. GO4 seems to be able to do this, but fails when trying to focus on items below the start height, eg. I am going down a cliff to...