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Rock Climbing Intelligent Flight Mode HELP


Jan 7, 2018
Hey there, anyone have any advice for using intelligent flight modes while videoing my daughter rock clinbing. I gave it a shot this weekend and wasn't happy with the results. Using a mavic pro BTW. Just wouldn't seemto follow her vertically. I tried to set it to follow and put the remote down while I was on the ropes. She climbed right out of frame and it "lost subject". Not sure which modes would work best for this activity. Any advice out there? Thanks all!
Let me put it this way: there is a history of the Mavic Pro in active track mode dive-bombing the subject for no reason. Do you really want your daughter climbing on a wall/rock formation and potentially have the MP dive at her and hit her while you have zero control over the craft, because you're on the ropes? Also, active track is not all that smooth. If you want a smooth video, have another person belay her while you fly or vice-versa.
That’s exactly what I experienced! I had her sit on a ledge about 6 feet off the ground while I attempted to get the Mavic set up. I had it about 15 to 20 feet away from her and had her start moving around climbing up a 10 foot crack next to the ledge. She would climb out of frame in profile or follow, or it was divebombing toward her until it was around 6 to 10 feet away in trace. I wasn’t sure if there was another option. I, of course gave up, realizing that I need to be on the sticks. Hoped There was another option/idea out there. Thanks for the info on the notorious divebombing issue! I didn’t realize that was an issue
I’ll think you’ll find that the Air won’t follow a subject that is ascending, it also won’t climb if you use active track going up an incline
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