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intelligent flight modes

  1. Aram

    NO INTERNET, NO CELL, middle of the ocean... Intelligent Flight modes work?

    My title says it all. I've been spoiled, flying for several years - always with a hotspot on my phone. (US) Project coming up, needing intelligent flight modes, but no internet, and no cell service. Will intelligent flight modes (ex. active track 2 following moving object) work? And, what am I...
  2. O

    D-log with quick intelligent flight modes and quick shots

    New to Mavic. If I set camera to be filming in D-log is it doing that with the various intelligent modes including quick shots? TIA
  3. P

    Keep Manual on during Intelligent Flight Modes

    Problem? I want to keep my Mavic Air filming settings in Manual (24p @ 400k), but when I switch to Intelligent Flight Modes (helix, dronie, etc), it jumps to Auto!!! So annoying. Is there any way to force the Air to keep manual settings on? Was unit in a crash? No What have you tried so far...
  4. Z

    Rock Climbing Intelligent Flight Mode HELP

    Hey there, anyone have any advice for using intelligent flight modes while videoing my daughter rock clinbing. I gave it a shot this weekend and wasn't happy with the results. Using a mavic pro BTW. Just wouldn't seemto follow her vertically. I tried to set it to follow and put the remote down...
  5. W

    VPS and active track stopped functioning

    Hi, First time poster, long time reader. My Mavic Pro is doing something weird. I entered active track and filmed for a while while riding the lawnmower (exciting, I know!). I then went back to normal flight mode and came in for a landing. When I landed, the drone just landed, without doing...
  6. J

    Video Shoot Planning Tool for Drones

    Are you looking for a tool to plan your next video shoot with a drone? Look no further! I will share with you my idea for such a tool that uses Google Maps and Grafio 3 as a diagramming tool. Planning your next video shoot will be quick and easy. Don’t miss another video shot due to lack of...
  7. K

    Shot composition: Will DJI combine any intelligent flight modes?

    Ok, so just hear me out here - I know a Mavic Pro isn't a pro-level camera drone, but I can't help but wonder what the effect would be if DJI updated software/firmware to allow - for instance - Course Lock mode to be operated in conjunction with Active Track mode. Individually the capabilities...