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flight plan

  1. B

    Mavic Air DJI SDK release

    Hi Everyone, I've been getting emails everyday asking about DJI SDK support for the Mavic Air. It was released last week. We've updated the Flight Plan app and you can get it here: Flight Plan - Beyond The Cube You can fly waypoint missions, focus on point-of-interests, and fly grids for...
  2. M

    Airmap Adding DJI Drone Control

    Just got an email form Airmap that they are adding the ability to fly DJI drones from their app. It seems that this company is rapidly becoming the leader in drone software development and FAA compliance. If all goes well they will have an app that a user can log their flight, get digital...
  3. Slantnose79

    Litchi: where is the flight plan stored?

    Greetings fellow pilots! I'm still relatively new to DJI and the Mavic. Have logged a little over 9.5hrs of minimal drama flights in the past 5-weeks. Still have all the original gear [props, etc] and am ready to start planning some flights on a Litchi or Autopilot platform. My question is...