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flight planner

  1. M

    Best flight planning app for Panorama missions?

    I'm trying to find a workflow that allows me to create a flight mission of many (100+) waypoints with actions programmed at each to stop and take a 360 panorama then continue to the next waypoint. I need each panorama location (waypoint) to be equally distanced apart by about 1000ft. Given the...
  2. B

    How to create a flight plan

    Hi All I need to make a application to the CAA / NATS for a non standard flight in central London and will need to submit a flight plan as part of that. Any recommendations of websites or apps that allow you to create the plans? Many thanks Ben
  3. J

    First Litchi App Flight

    Featured Waypoint shots in this video are: - 2 Points of Interest reveal - Helix - Boomerang I finally got the Litchi app for autonomous waypoint missions for iOS. So far I am really pleased with the outcome of my first flight and having better control of the Mavic Pro for simulating...
  4. G

    Drone Harmony Mission Planner - Beta released!

    Dear Mavic Pilots, We enjoy the fruitful discussions on the mavic pilot forums! We are Martin, Gil, David and Jeannine, the Swiss/Israeli team of Drone Harmony. In the last few years we have been working on a flight planner app that addresses many of the problems drone pilots face today...