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flight restriction

  1. CarlosCN

    Lost communication AC M2Z with RC

    I lost contact with AC (M2Z) after ca. 500 m at 118 m altitude. Signal was lost after passing buildings on the route. Buildings are ca. 50 m height and 200 m away from my position. I have problably underestimated the influence of obstructions on the connection. I was flighing in a...
  2. Ekok

    Flight restrictions in SoCal.

    I'm sure everyone is aware of this and i can't seem to find a specific thread about the ongoing nightmare of the " yellow zones" throughout Los Angeles ( entire SoCal ). Most of the places I want to fly have about 2-5 listed names to call for permission. I live in San Fernando valley and want...
  3. G

    Will DJI, Verizon control drone skies?

    Rather than build software and develop guidelines themselves, the FAA is relying on private companies — DJI and Verizon among them — to help shape the future of the drone industry. Restrictive drone software in Mavic Pro birds is only the tip of the iceberg. Check out this Marketwatch story for...
  4. B

    My distance and height have been restricted?

    My max altitude is set at 120M. I am not in beginner mode, I didn't change any settings, I am not in a restricted area according to the DJI map, yet my MP will not go higher than 30 M or farther than 50M. Is this DJI's doing through the app?