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flight restriction

  1. R

    Mini 2. Flight altitude restricted. Log in or go to real-name authentication.

    Hello everyone, I have tried just about everything to try and solve this issue that is constantly popping up in the top left corner of the app. Uninstalling the app then reinstalling helped for one flight then the problem persisted. I also created a new DJI account which was recommended to me by...
  2. CarlosCN

    Lost communication AC M2Z with RC

    I lost contact with AC (M2Z) after ca. 500 m at 118 m altitude. Signal was lost after passing buildings on the route. Buildings are ca. 50 m height and 200 m away from my position. I have problably underestimated the influence of obstructions on the connection. I was flighing in a...
  3. Ekok

    Flight restrictions in SoCal.

    I'm sure everyone is aware of this and i can't seem to find a specific thread about the ongoing nightmare of the " yellow zones" throughout Los Angeles ( entire SoCal ). Most of the places I want to fly have about 2-5 listed names to call for permission. I live in San Fernando valley and want...
  4. G

    Will DJI, Verizon control drone skies?

    Rather than build software and develop guidelines themselves, the FAA is relying on private companies — DJI and Verizon among them — to help shape the future of the drone industry. Restrictive drone software in Mavic Pro birds is only the tip of the iceberg. Check out this Marketwatch story for...
  5. B

    My distance and height have been restricted?

    My max altitude is set at 120M. I am not in beginner mode, I didn't change any settings, I am not in a restricted area according to the DJI map, yet my MP will not go higher than 30 M or farther than 50M. Is this DJI's doing through the app?