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  1. thefrisbee995

    Mini 2 More fun than my mavic or my mini…

    So I thought I’d give the DJI FPV a go… man, it’s a challenge learning to fly its “manual” mode. Video and photography isn’t ideal on it like my mini 2 but wow, is it fun to fly! Check out my first flight with some flips and stuff here! I’m on the PFV pilots site too now!
  2. N


    Good morning guys, VIDEO LINK: VIDEO MAVIC AIR - Google Drive I bought a new Mavic Air in the US, brought it to Brazil...on my first flights, the drone had this problem and almost crashed. At the time I sent it to assistance in the US, but they denied the warranty claiming that the drone was...
  3. Keule

    Mavic AIR can do flips ...

    Just found this at a German website: (english subtitles) Have a look!
  4. S

    Mavic pro flip up two times and lost

    Hi Today I was flying and suddenly is started to go crazy up down and sideways, then as I was going sideways at about 20 feet hight (it was close to me) it flipped and it the ground but just made it back in the air. I landed a checked but all was looking fine so I started again and all was fine...