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flying over water

  1. Gringorio

    2 Pro World Oceans Day

    Here are a few short clips I took while on one of Ocean Voyages Institute's Ocean Cleanups in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch:
  2. Gringorio

    2 Pro Hand Catch at Sea in Calm Conditions

    Avoiding aft deck obstacles to land after an endangered Vaquita survey:
  3. Gringorio

    Decent Unused Video

    Just a comment on something I was thinking about today: For every outstanding published video with drone clips, there's much more decent unused footage that you never see. The takes that didn't take. I have hours of fun video that were never used, but were still interesting to some degree. As a...
  4. TestPilot1

    Mavic 2 Pontoon set

    Hello fellow Mavic2 pilots, I've seen floats on Amazon made with pool noodles, but the first big issue is weight. 9 oz for a 32oz Mavic 2 represents 28% extra weight, which the drone is not designed for. This creates an over-load to the motors, and potential failure of some sort... sooner or...
  5. Gringorio

    Sunset Aerial

    Capturing the sunset over Sweetings Cay in the Bahamas after delivering and building a solar charging system to the community devastated by hurricane Dorian:
  6. Gringorio

    Flying over water, far from home

    In this video I'm chasing a German research vessel as it steams away from us, over 7km out from the home point. They were also conducting ocean plastics research. Location: North Pacific Gyre, otherwise known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
  7. Gringorio

    Favorite Photo

    This is one of my favorite photos. Taken with my Mavic pro 2. Any guesses where?
  8. Gringorio

    Hurricane Relief - Sea Shepherd Bahamas

    Here's a brief aerial video I took of Sea Shepherd's M/V John Paul DeJoria on her way to deliver hurricane relief supplies to the Bahamas in the fall of 2019. I'm on starboard side below the bridge.
  9. Gringorio

    Landing on a Moving Ship

    Having a crew member hand-catch is best. This is how it's done at 8 knots in a fair sea (Mavic Pro 2):
  10. Gringorio

    Drone operators needed, Hawaii

    We still need qualified and skilled volunteer drone operators for our 2020 campaign: Requirements: Passion for saving our oceans and proven skills flying from moving ships. Location: North Pacific Gyre NE of Hawaii. Time: May through July, 3 week campaigns. Birth, food, and drones are provided...
  11. Gringorio

    Ocean cleanup, a few shots...

    Here are a few clips of some of my drone flights in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch last summer. We used drones to help locate marine debris while in the gyre, over 100 flights. The ship was the S/V Kwai and the organization is Ocean Voyages Institute, Ocean Voyages Institute. We removed over 40...
  12. jarborra

    Summer flying: Sweden and California

    Some shots from this summer: flew the Mavic Air over four different locations in Sweden and five along the Californian coast. Music by Blackwell. Edited in 4K in iMovie on MBP15 2018.
  13. Ian in London

    Polarizing PL filters over water - SkyReat and Freewell

    Hi all I made a different video specifically on polarizers as they make such a big difference to glare and reflections when flying over water. In my examples, you would probably want the reflections as the clouds look great, but I just wanted to demonstrate the effect these filters have. Also...
  14. M

    Toilet Bowling and Flying Over Water

    Hey folks, So a while back I flew my Phantom 4 over a marine lake where I live. During the flight the quad started circling uncontrollably in large circles and I fought to keep it up in the air and I did eventually regain control after a few minutes or gut wrenching terror. When I did my CAA...