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flying too high

  1. Yaros

    Why would anyone attempt this?! Guy flying way too high in the mountains!

    I found these videos (these videos are NOT mine) of a guy flying his Mavics way too high, I'm not talking about 500 meters max… He hacked the firmware and went so high that the height indicator glitched in an integer overflow and looped around into negative values… This is crazy! My question is...
  2. C

    RTH didn't worked and Mavic is lost

    Hi guys Sadly yesterday I lost my Mavic, it was hoovering over me at 380m (1246 ft aprox) in a large space between three skyscrapers (all of them bellow 250m tall or 820ft) when I lost the connection. Before loosing the connection I pressed the RTH button (set at 300m) however, despite the home...