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forced landing

  1. F

    Why did my Mavic Air decide to land on water?

    Problem? I cannot understand what went wrong. Pilot error, rookie mistake, interference ? Was unit in a crash? Yes, I think this qualifies as a "soft" crash since it landed on water and sank. After 10 hours, a diver was able to recover the unit but I don't think I will try to make it fly...
  2. MavicBob

    Cleared for NFZ over lake, then "Will auto land in 19 secs!"

    I received clearance to operate in a No Fly Zone that included a lake where I was going to video some rowers. No problem starting and taking-off, and following a scull for a minute or two out in the lake. Then the controller beeped and displayed a message that I was in a NFZ, and the Mavic...
  3. Y

    (Warning) Avoid this low battery RTH mistake

    Hi guys, I had a near miss. I just wanted to alert you of this so nobody loses their Mavic Pro. I was filming a lake. I parked my car on one side of the lake and I launched my drone from the opposite side of the lake. I completed my filming and knew the drone's battery was pretty low at...
  4. R

    Is this even legal?

    This is for the folks with some aviation/legal background. For those who have not had an unexpected NFZ forced landing, I wish you never do, but many of us have. I am talking about being in the air, either by self authorizing, or it not being necessary due to the software not catching it, or...
  5. R

    This DJI nanny stuff needs to stop!

    This week we went to the coast for a vacation, and as usual to get some shots of the area. I knew before leaving that the area was full of NFZs and chose my locations as carefully as possible to minimize conflicts. After doing my due diligence, and making my obligatory calls to the airports...