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  1. blackomega

    Mini 3 Some Sawmills in Ladysmith BC

    Some of BC forrest in Ladysmith BC Did a hyperlapse in the middle of this video Sawmills in Ladysmith BC
  2. blackomega

    2 Zoom The new Fall colours are in

    Fall is here and the trees are putting on their colour show for us
  3. blackomega

    Skeena River 4K

    Good evening pilots, Sorry its been a while since I have shared anything. The weather has been horrible up in the frozen Canadian north. Plus I crashed my M2Z into a bench and the gimbal has never been the same. Will send it in for DJI care soon Please enjoy the video and as always please...
  4. F

    Flying through a forest with the mavic

    Somme footage of last week in a local forest.