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  1. TechVoyager

    Is the DJI forum down? Its not opening since 2-3 days.

    Is the DJI forum down [The original DJI forum] ? Its not opening since 2-3 days. Any idea?
  2. clackey

    Daily Digest Emails

    Hey all! We just released the daily digest emails if you'd like to receive a list of new threads posted the previous day. We use feedburner to manage this so there are a couple hurdles to get yourself signed up. 1. Subscribe here - Daily Digest Emails 2. Confirm you aren't a robot on the 2nd...
  3. C

    New control app section???

    one of my questions was banished to "the new control app section" and a friend could not find that section because it does not seem to appear in the list of forum sections. I tried to find it myself and could not. How do we get to it?
  4. clackey

    Spark Discussions Moved to SparkPilots.com

    Going forward all spark discussions will occur at SparkPilots - DJI Spark Drone Forum.