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forward vision sensor error

  1. B

    Mavic pro vision error a00004, front left sensor error.

    I apologize for this being so long winded. So I have dug and dug and I can only find a thread of one other having this same issue, and there was never a resolution. I received the drone in pieces for free to see if I could rebuild it. I replaced all 4 arms, the chassis, the gimbal arm, and...
  2. M

    MA2 forward vision sensor error & unable to calibrate

    Before leaving home to fly I check Everything on my drone before leaving.. A few days back I turned on the drone doing one of these pre checks and I received a forward vision sensor error. When I try to calibrate the sensors both sensor status images on assistant 2 We're completely black there...
  3. AerialsRus

    Forward Sensor Calibration Error - Assistant 2 Gave More Error Codes

    Purchased Mavic Pro in Mid December 2017 from Costco. Have been studying, watching videos, mavic pro message boards, simulator, and etc to understand and gain knowledge about the drone before even flying the Mavic. Using I Phone 6 for controller - it seems there have been numerous updates...