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frame alignement error sensor calibration

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    Mini 3 pro Gimbal Calibration after new gimbal replacement.

    I got mini 3 pro and replaced its gimbal. Now when I previously replaced it, I did firmware refresh and it automatically got calibrated and was perfectly fine. Now this time no firmware refresh is working and there is no way to calibrate it like how we used to do in Mavic 2 pro, Air2/s. Anybody...
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    Frame Alignment Error when calibrating sensors in Assistant 2

    So I am not able to calibrate the sensors in the DJI go 4 app. I move the MP in a square as instructed and nothing happens. So I downloaded the latest DJI Assistant 2 app (Ver 1.1.0) and hook everything up. On part 3 of tutorial I get "Frame Alignment Error" and it does not even go the the...