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frame rate

  1. I

    How to Speedramp you Amazing Drone Footage

    Great way of biffing up the drone footage, or hiding that difficult edit. Speed ramping can be a great get of jail free card.
  2. G

    Switching frame rates in 4k

    Hi, new to the forum. I just got my mavic air yesterday, but for some reason I cannot switch 4k to any other frame rate than 30. I know the specs include 24 and 25 at 4k but I have no options to switch to. In 2.7k and 1080 I do have options. Any one know what might be wrong?
  3. heo3480

    How is Shutter Speed linked to Frame Rate (FPS)?

    Understanding how frame rate links to shutter speed will instantly to improve your footage and prevent it from being jerky and stuttering during playback. This is is basic intro crash course to get you started