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  1. Dumeinao

    Too hard to report item as a scam on eBay.

    Geeze, I tried for 10 minutes to simply find a way to report this item as fraud on eBay. By the time I figured out the process, the last line before hitting submit is that I agree I am certifying myself as a law enforcement officer! :mad: Seriously eBay? Anyhow these seller(s) just showed...
  2. Sierra Aero Recon

    Scam Alert!!

    I started receiving text yesterday about a potential new job. Some aspects of the situation threw up major red flags wile other aspects made it seem like it may just be a very odd person with a legit request. I did google the property and it was listed for sale online. I called the realtor and...
  3. N

    Problems with customer support.

    Hello everyone, I am having a huge issue with DJI Customer Support and I wanted to know if anyone has any advice. I am will try to keep this brief, but I also want to explain the whole situation. Before my roadtrip I wanted to buy a DJI drone. However, after I ordered it, I saw that it would...