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Problems with customer support.


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Jul 5, 2017
Hello everyone,

I am having a huge issue with DJI Customer Support and I wanted to know if anyone has any advice. I am will try to keep this brief, but I also want to explain the whole situation.

Before my roadtrip I wanted to buy a DJI drone. However, after I ordered it, I saw that it would not arrive on time. I decided to go to my local Best Buy and buy one there and just return the other one when it comes in the mail. I reached out to customer service and told them my situation and they told me that when the package arrives at my house from DJI to refuse the package and when it arrived back at their location, they will issue me a refund. So, as soon as the package arrived at my house it was refused and sent back to their location. (I have proof from FedEx they received the package back when I refused it and they signed for it).

So June 12, they received the package back. A week later I still was never issued a refund so I sent out a support ticket with DJI. I explained my situation to them and they said they would look into it.

A few days later I sent them the letter from FedEx with proof that the package arrived back into their facilities. The person got back to me after that and said something along the lines of "don't worry we will issue the refund shortly". (That was June 25). Since that date I still have not received the refund and I have sent them a few messages back demanding the refund and they have not gotten back to me.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do? It seems like DJI is really playing me and has no intent to issue a refund (It has almost been a month & they are not getting back to me anymore). I filed a claim with my credit card, but I am not sure if they will do anything. I also thought about calling Paypal, which I used to pay, and explaining how the company is fraud. I am even thinking about taking it to court if nothing gets done.

There is no reason for a company like this to screw over anyone over $1,000.

Does anyone have an advice on how to finally get this refund? Thank you for taking your time to help me out.
If you have only communicated via email I would try one of the other support options that involve a live person on the other end - and then if necessary ask for a supervisor if the person can't give you a definite answer. Support options are chat, phone, and also via their forum. Good luck.
Did you charged it via CC?
If so, ask your CC company to dispute the charged....if that makes sense.
I am finding DJI to be extremely slow. They have a battery of mine since June 12. they said an exchange will take between 5 to 7 days. still nothing as of 7/5/17.
I called today and talk to a live person. All i got was im sorry it is taking so long. but give another 5 to 7 days for an exchange. REALLY
If it takes that long to exchange or replace just a battery, I am beginning to wonder how long will it take if the Mavic Craft or the Controller goes down....WOW
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