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customer service

  1. Y

    Buyer Beware Never buy DJI again (Flyaway)

    Just wanted to post my experience with DJI with my Mavic Pro Flyaway issue... So Last Friday i decided i would fly my drone. I don't fry it as often as i should considering the money spent on it, but that besides the point. Right before i was going to flt it it had a firmware update that i...
  2. S

    Drone Pilot Intro

    Just stumbled upon this... Would love to join the conversation & group! I am a DJI Mavic Pro Drone Pilot based in Farmingdale, NY (Right in the middle of a NFZ... which obviously sucks lol) but not a big deal since Long Island is so open and the beaches are only 15 minutes south of me A few...
  3. J

    Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy?

    Newer Mavic Pro owner here. About two-ish weeks ago I was taking off with my drone for my second flight ever when it suddenly began spinning uncontrollably and crashed. Heart dropped, blood pressure went up, and then I saw it. The rear left wing was broken. I had literally flown this **** thing...
  4. I

    Disconnect, crash, and customer service

    Sorry in advance for this lengthy post. I was hoping that my first forum post would be words of excitement about my new Mavic (bought in December), however, I've had nothing by disconnects, random hoovers, and finally a full crash into a gazebo as a result of constant disconnects! I've read so...
  5. F

    DJI Customer Support Incorrect Evaluation on RTH

    My Mavic decided to do a RTH crashed into a branch and consequently the concrete damaging it considerably. Mavic was 15m from controller and DJI confirmed it did a RTH because it lost contact with the controller. They are saying it was my fault as below: Non warranty per data analysis; RTH...
  6. N

    Problems with customer support.

    Hello everyone, I am having a huge issue with DJI Customer Support and I wanted to know if anyone has any advice. I am will try to keep this brief, but I also want to explain the whole situation. Before my roadtrip I wanted to buy a DJI drone. However, after I ordered it, I saw that it would...
  7. Calhoun Ranger

    Mavic quality and customer service

    I am a "Mavic watcher". I really want one badly; I have owned a P3P for a year now and LOVE it. In looking at feedback in various places, I see an uncomfortable amount of negative comments about the quality of the Mavic, the number of malfunctions, firmware bugs, the lack of customer service at...