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Sep 19, 2018
Just stumbled upon this... Would love to join the conversation & group! I am a DJI Mavic Pro Drone Pilot based in Farmingdale, NY (Right in the middle of a NFZ... which obviously sucks lol) but not a big deal since Long Island is so open and the beaches are only 15 minutes south of me

A few questions:
1) Any recommendations for flying in windy conditions or is it just godspeed to us all?

2) I love the efficient DJI service and to help them out because they're so great, I was curious about any other experiences that went well with anyone else?

3) Mavic Pro 2 Users -- Your favorite advantages of this drone compared to the original?

And lastly, here is an experience I went through that I do not want anyone else to have to deal with themselves...
This happened to me earlier this year and I am kicking myself for it. I recorded footage all morning with my DJI Mavic Pro for an event, while also using my regular camera for the main shots... And after about 9 long videos in the morning and 5 quick long videos during the day.... I go to check my drive and all the videos were gone and not there from the morning and day. (This also may have happened due to how quick I wanted to record the next clip or pack up my drone to move to the next location quickly, so that is another reason why the videos were probably not there... because recording videos sometimes need enough time to process/render onto your card space before you try to record the next file or turn your drone off completely.) For some reason, the videos I did record at the end of the day made it safely onto the same memory card and there were no errors in quality at all. I never was able to obtain them back, even with recovery files, but it was a hard lesson to learn and now I am super careful with what memory cards I use, since drones (or at least the DJI Mavic pro I had) do not efficiently take video on 32 gb. Yes, I do now realize that's way too low of a memory card for drones. For beginner drone pilots, I do recommend always using at least a 64 gb memory card (I now currently use a 128 gb memory card every time).
Welcome. I can only answer question 1. The Mavic can handle pretty stiff winds. Try to head out against the wind so the tailwind can help you get back. Sport mode may be needed to overcome stronger winds.

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