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windy condition

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    Mini 4 Windy Testing Near Wind Turbines

    Recently I got the opportunity to fly in a beautiful area near some wind turbines. When we set out, it was all clear. Then It was crazy windy out of nowhere. Maybe because of the turbine location itself, lol! Naturally being windy, but it was a struggle for the mini 4 pro to stay steady on some...
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    Drone Pilot Intro

    Just stumbled upon this... Would love to join the conversation & group! I am a DJI Mavic Pro Drone Pilot based in Farmingdale, NY (Right in the middle of a NFZ... which obviously sucks lol) but not a big deal since Long Island is so open and the beaches are only 15 minutes south of me A few...
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    How windy is too much?

    As a new pilot I am unsure how safe or stable my Mavic is in windy conditions. It's winter here at the moment and reasonably windy. Everytime I fly i get get a high wind warning. Do I really need to pack up and go home, or am I reasonably safe?
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    Very Windy! Mavic and P4P Fly Trip on route to Edinburgh

    Ok, so as most of you who lived in the UK will know that past week or two, we had this stormy weather with strong winds, I wasn't going to risk anything with flying the Mavic but after coming across a few really nice scenery, I decided to gave it a go on flying in this windy condition, to my...