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no fly zone

  1. hagman23

    What Would You Do?

    In my daily life, I work in marketing, advertising, Social Media, etc and every once in a while, I come across things like this video I will post below. It starts off nice, but within a short amount of time, I see there are some National Park NFZ flights happening. The most infuriating point...
  2. Sang82

    No fly zone around small local airport

    Can someone please help I have two apps altitude angel by nats and drone assist The altitude angel shows a huge no fly zone around a small local airport blocking out a much bigger area as a no fly. But the drone assist and also the Dji fly app only show a runway strip. Which one is correct...
  3. Yaros

    How far should I be to a military zone when flying a drone?

    Hello, I want to know what is the recommended distance to stay away from a military zone in Spain. Because I found a pretty good location to fly but there are 2 military zones nearby. One of them is 2.5km away, the other is 3.5km away from my planned takeoff point. I want to set the maximum...
  4. P

    Mavic Air 2 No Fly Zones

    Thinking of getting a MA2, but am confused about the new system. Will the MA2, like the previous models, not let you fly or take off if you are in a yellow area? I don't fly high, but my entire city is practically a yellow or red zone. Thanks
  5. S

    Drone Pilot Intro

    Just stumbled upon this... Would love to join the conversation & group! I am a DJI Mavic Pro Drone Pilot based in Farmingdale, NY (Right in the middle of a NFZ... which obviously sucks lol) but not a big deal since Long Island is so open and the beaches are only 15 minutes south of me A few...
  6. CanyonRunVideos

    This Issue is VERY IMPORTANT to All UAS Pilot in the U.S.A.

    Have you ever seen a Posted Notice similar to the photograph below in ANY State Park in the United States before? On May 25, 2018 I was approached by the California State Park Police Officer informing me that it is ILLEGAL TO FLY a DRONE over ANY State Park! I immediately informed the officer...
  7. MavicBob

    Cleared for NFZ over lake, then "Will auto land in 19 secs!"

    I received clearance to operate in a No Fly Zone that included a lake where I was going to video some rowers. No problem starting and taking-off, and following a scull for a minute or two out in the lake. Then the controller beeped and displayed a message that I was in a NFZ, and the Mavic...
  8. O

    No flight zone has been Re-Edged

    I live on a 4.6 acre pond right on the edge of a yellow no fly zone, and I can authorize or unlock the no fly zone, but as I fly away from my house Even across the pond I enter the green no fly zone. For my first few flight no problem, but yesterday, I got a voice prompt saying no fly zone has...
  9. C

    Getting a lot of no fly zones

    Hi, Does anybody know how to bypass or disable the no fly zone? Cause I used to fly in my large backyard a lot, but today when I turned it on to fly I got the no fly zone and I couldn’t take off? Any suggestions how to do this?
  10. M

    No Fly Zones & some obvious exceptions

    I've thought about this for a while, and those that have read my posts have seen me mention this a few other times. Why are there AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) airstrips that are in a No Fly Zone just because its within 10 miles of an airport? It would seem that there should be "Holes"...
  11. G

    Problem with my 5.5 Crystalsky

    My Crystalsky was working great and then I did an upgrade. First, I know many will say that you should never upgrade software unless you have to, but I did anyway. I did the no-fly-zone update. Since then, even though I've logged in to my account it acts like I'm not, and restricts my flight...
  12. GA_Mavic

    "In NFZ" - Was not in NFZ

    Today I was unable to take off from an area I've flown in before. A few weeks ago flying in the same location I received a warning with two checkboxes and was allowed to fly. This time, I was unable to take off. I was about 3 miles from an airport, and had permission from tower to fly in...
  13. roflyer

    YouTuber Droner NeverMindYourOwn fined in 600 Euro for flying a drone in Spain!!

    He was flying his quad in a National Park in Spain and a ranger asked him to land it beacause it was a no fly zone. A Spanish TV station published his YouTube video in the news exagerating the facts and it all took huge proportions. The Spanish authorities tracked him and sent him a fine of 600...
  14. XLR8R

    New York City and No Fly Zones

    I got my Mavic a week ago and after spending a whole week watching videos and reading manuals (I like to be prepared and know what I'm doing before I send a drone in the air), I finally decided I was ready to take it out for a spin. It went well. A little bit later in the afternoon...I decided...
  15. S

    Mavic Pro No Fly Zone Over ride

    I am a Fire training officer at a US airport in class C airspace. I have permission from field operations and the control tower to operate my Mavic Pro to photograph and video certain drills on the airfield. What is the procedure to disable the No Fly Zone?
  16. R

    Disable No Fly Zone Setting (DC-area resident)

    Help! My brother and I both got Mavic Pros and currently are looking at $1000+ paperweights. We live in Annandale, VA and are more than 8 miles away from Reagan National airport. So far, we've only been able to turn the drone and controller on, but haven't been able to fly it. Question 1...
  17. B

    "No Fly Zone" error

    I have had this drone for a few days. It has flown fine for the first 2 days but then after that, when I would try to launch the drone, it would not allow me to take off because of a "no fly zone" even though the previous days it let me take off no problem. I tried going to different areas...