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No flight zone has been Re-Edged


Mar 7, 2018
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I live on a 4.6 acre pond right on the edge of a yellow no fly zone, and I can authorize or unlock the no fly zone, but as I fly away from my house Even across the pond I enter the green no fly zone. For my first few flight no problem, but yesterday, I got a voice prompt saying no fly zone has been re-edged, and then it would not let me bring the mavic air back home to land. RTH also failed and the Air just stopped all the way on the other side of the Pond/lake.

I tried to get it back from multiple different ways, Flew further east, then tried, further west then tried.... None of them would let me re-enter.

I went to unlocked zones in settings and it still showed my zone was unlocked. Thanks god I had about 335 battery left at that point as I left it hovering got in a car and drove to the other side of the lake and then landed it where I was able to quickly retrieve it. If the zone has been unlocked for 24 hrs, why will it not let me re-enter it?
(BTW, when I got back it let me take off again as it still shoed unlocked, just it wold not let me leave and renter it.)

Is there anyway to prevent this?