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No Fly Zones & some obvious exceptions



I've thought about this for a while, and those that have read my posts have seen me mention this a few other times. Why are there AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) airstrips that are in a No Fly Zone just because its within 10 miles of an airport? It would seem that there should be "Holes" in the no fly zones for these types of exceptions. The two closest AMA fields are both in no fly zones and my house is in a no fly zone! Personally, I could care less about my house even though I live on 1 acre, Its just not enough land for me to fly in and I don't care to fly there. But the real problem is the AMA airstrips. Of course the DJI Mavic gives me a warning that I am in the No Fly Zone. Ok, so I fly anyways. But with the new software upgrade (I am assuming this) now I get a warning that says that the Return To Home function may not work because I am flying in a No Fly Zone. So it begs the question.... If I fly in an approved AMA field, why wouldn't I be able to use the Return To Home Function as a result of the No Fly Zone being inaccurate?
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