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mavic pro 2

  1. Z

    Los Angeles,Santa Clarita and more ....

    Los Angeles,Santa Clarita and more .... Just started flying drone I have a dji magic pro 2 and a dji fpv drone .
  2. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Soca Valley - Slovenia

    Hey Everyone ! Today's vlog is from the beautiful Soca Valley in Slovenia - Enjoy :)
  3. S

    Crazy Idea for Remote Antenna

    **I understand this wouldn't be legal if flown outside of VLOS in the U.S. I am just wondering if it is possible, and I am looking for technical ideas on how to make it work. Where I live: The freaking tundra. It's cold, it snows, I'm frozen. What I want to do: Sit my *** inside by a fire...
  4. Gringorio

    2 Pro Fun Times

    Had another opportunity for a change of view:
  5. S

    New DJI battery wont start?

    So , Bought my Mavic 2 pro just over a week ago. Its started for my 4 flights just fine and was amazing, however leaving it fully charged (not plugged in) assembled and put away in the case for one day , ive now tried to turn it on and nothing even lights up or anything , i plug it into the pc...
  6. B

    technical transforms for easier colour correction or viewing of flat or log DJI footage

    Hey guys, I am a professional colourist and colour scientist who is also a owner of a Mavic Pro 2 (formerly Mavic Air, formerly Spark ;)) When grading my own footage I always struggled as the transfer curves and the gamut (the fidelity of the colours) are not really mathematically documented...
  7. D

    Combining Litchi's 'Panorama' & 'AEB' features to create a 45 picture Landscape Shot (M2P)

    DJI's native Go 4.0 app can happily take both panoramic pictures, and auto exposure bracketed (AEB) ones. - What it cannot do, is shoot both at the same time. (At least not on the M2P) Step up; everyone's favourite quadcopter third party software solution - Litchi (Although not cheap at...
  8. desertvet38

    Ships And Other Stuff Around The Bay

    These are some ships and other things I've taken from my Mavic Pro 2 around Tampa Bay. I was mostly concentrating on my transitions with the beat of the music. So...critique away (nicely please)… Safe flying! :-)
  9. desertvet38

    Star Lofoten (General Cargo Ship)

    This monster was moored in Gibsonton, right off of Tampa Bay this evening, so I went down there near sunset to get some video and some pics from my DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. I won't go there at sunset again...the sun faces directly into my lens where the best composition is, and it pretty much...
  10. Gringorio

    Landing on a Moving Ship

    Having a crew member hand-catch is best. This is how it's done at 8 knots in a fair sea (Mavic Pro 2):
  11. desertvet38

    "Illovo River" Bulk Carrier Ship, Tampa

    This beautiful 590' bulk carrier ship, "Illovo River" was moored in Gibsonton, right off Tampa Bay and the Alafia River, so I just had to make the short drive to get my drone in the air and take some 2.7k, 30fps video, and pictures of her. My DJI Mavic 2 Pro rocks!
  12. A

    Android Tablet for Mavic Pro 2

    Hi, I've had my M2P for a couple of weeks now and absolutely loving it. I've got it linked to my old Samsung galaxy note 4 but seriously struggling to see the screen in almost any lighting (it does have a lot of screen burn). I've seen alot of recommendations for the Huawei M5 tablet, and it...
  13. T

    Mavic Pro 2 Crash + Gimbal Overload - Photos + Video

    It "finally" happened. I managed to crash my drone into the only tree the desert had to offer, sideways, full speed. All props went flying in different directions. The heavy Hasselblad camera bent the frame that it holds on impact (wth?). Back at home I managed to repair the damaged frame...
  14. RPASJones

    Flying over busy street - Canada

    Hey guys, I have some questions about establishing a security perimeter for flying at a plaza. I can't get the right angle within the parking lot I cone off. I would like to take off in the parking lot of the plaza I want to shoot, then fly over a street to get to the other side for my...
  15. A

    Taking the perfect photo with the DJI MAVIC 2 PR / ZOOM

    I hope this is a helpful resource for new pilots and maybe even other advanced pilots out there can pick up or provide a tip or two.
  16. crazy_tall

    Recent trip to Warsaw, Poland

    First time taking my Mavic Pro 2 abroad from the UK.
  17. D

    Anyone knows any Fields or park in Westchester County or Bronx to fly mavic pro 2 zoom?

    I just got my mavic pro 2 zoom Anyone know’s any Fields or park to fly my mavic pro 2 zoom? Looking to fly any where in Westchester County, NY or the Bronx, I currently live in Elmsford, NY. Thanks.
  18. Gringorio

    Winter Rain Waterfalls

  19. PTBperegrine

    Help Please: Mavic 2 Pro Lost Yesterday

    DJI Flight Log Viewer - I need the help of the Forum gurus to shed any light they can on whether this was the result of a malfunction or my own stupidity.. Below is an excerpt that I sent to the National Park office for this area. Yes, we are allowed to fly here in Australia...
  20. B

    My second video - Hate, love or just a grey in between

    Like to get some feedback on my video. Hate or love it? Would be great to hearthstones you think. Watch it here Thanks in advance Jacob