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    Drone destroyed. Options?

    I lost connection with my Mavic air and it actually RTH and as I was headed to the drone there were lawn mowers at the park and you can figure out the rest... it’s in pretty good shape in terms of parts (camera gimbal is perfect) but there is a huge hole in the middle of the drone. What can I...
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    DJI quoting 5 weeks for a refund?? Anyone else had Issues

    Had a question on #mail this week. Viewer got product.. didn't work.. which happens I guess, then was quote 5 Weeks for the refund..Understand we are in interesting time.. but website still says 7-14 days, not notice of coves-19 delays etc..AND they still are able to launch a new Mavic 2 Air...
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    Problems with customer support.

    Hello everyone, I am having a huge issue with DJI Customer Support and I wanted to know if anyone has any advice. I am will try to keep this brief, but I also want to explain the whole situation. Before my roadtrip I wanted to buy a DJI drone. However, after I ordered it, I saw that it would...