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  1. N

    Active Track 2.0 Control & Framing

    Hi. I have 2 questions about Active Track 2.0 1. Is there a way during Active Track 2.0 (Trace, Profile, Spotlight) to control and adjust the altitude, gimbal (up & down), displacement (left & right) and zoom? 2. Is there a way to decenter the tracked subject while still being tracked? I’m...
  2. S

    DJI Air 2S with Fly More Combo $1250

    DJI Air 2S with Fly More Combo - like new condition. Flown less than 45 minutes. This is the latest and greatest drone from DJI. Take advantage of this amazing deal. Retails for $1299 + tax. I paid ~$1400 tax included just last month. Selling for $1250 firm. You’re saving about $150, give or...
  3. D

    Mavic 2 Pro flew upward sensors did not stop and hit branches

    Hi My M2P crashed when I was doing active track. The battery was low and it attempted to fly up to go to its go home height. But over hanging tree branches were in the way above it. The drone still tried to go up. Hit a branch, then flew down then kept trying again to go up. Hitting branches...
  4. C

    Air 2 Air 2s First flight

    First day out with the Air2S not my best video but thoroughly enjoyed playing with this guy, I have to say it is a big step forward from the Mavic Air the control of the drone, video quality, controls are all so much more intuitive flying it seemed a lot more fun.
  5. I

    SOLD NEW Sealed DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo + 1 yr DJI Care Insurance

    SOLD elsewhere. Bought 6 month ago (so it still has manufacturer warranty and unactivated 1 yr DJI Care Refresh insurance) but never used this unit so I am putting it up for sale. I think everyone here should be familiar with the price breakdown and why fly more combo (and what it comes with)...
  6. M

    Can't activate / connect DJI MINI 2, help!

    Hi there, I got the DJI Mini 2 yesterday but I can't link it; I already tried most of the tutorials on DJI channel but still unable do link, I tried the normal and the manual method. Also I already charged both the controller and the drone; I tried with and without microsd. I had the DJI Mavic...
  7. HerronSkyView

    Unlocking GEO Authorization Zones from Flysafe to Smart Controller/Drone

    Hi, I have a Mavic 2 Pro. I can't find the Unlocking List in DJ GO 4 on iphone 7 as the instructions say. Please let me know if you have any ideas how to solve this. (After I get this figured out, I need to buy an IOS (iphone) to USB C cord to transfer the unlock code to the drone. I use a smart...
  8. P

    DJI mini 2 Propeller screw stuck

    Last night I was flying my new DJI mini 2. Soon before I planned to land, my app crashed as it started automatically updating to the new update (for the air 2S). I immediately landed it but one propeller slightly caught a rock on the way down. There was only slight damage but ofcourse decided...
  9. F

    SOLD: New DJI Smart Controller w/Charging Cable

    Brand new DJI Smart Controller and charging cable - $700 The controller supports the DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom and the DJI Mavic Air 2. Once you use the Smart Controller, there is no going back. The bright screen is very helpful and being able to fly with little setup is really a plus. *** Price...
  10. P

    DJI mavic mini / mini 2 uncontrolled descent

    Hi everyone, I am a new DJI mini 2 owner. I have seen lots of posts/videos etc about the original mavic mini uncontrollably descending, particularly into water. I would love to fly over water to get some shots but of course do not want to risk this happening to me. I have searched online to see...
  11. JoostGT3

    The Joy of Flight...

    I know I'm not an amazing freestyle whatever yolo kind of pilot, but the DJI FPV has given me something that I had already when flying the Mavics, but got lost a bit in the desire to produce really nice photos and videos... the Joy of Flight! I'm slowly getting used to flying the basic...
  12. F

    Yet another mavic mini gimbal stuck thread, with some differences

    Hi all, sorry for yet another mavic mini gimbal stuck thread. But I haven't been able to find a solution to my problem after trying all of the fix on the forum and youtube. One of the main difference between my error and the others is that I'm stuck on 0% when trying to calibrate the gimbal...
  13. L

    DJI Mavic AIR 2 not working with Android phone

    I have just received my Mavic Air 2 and was quite upset to find out that there are many issues between RC connection and android phones. I have setup everything all ready to fly, plug the RC cable - nothing is working. I got error "RC not connected to mobile phone" . Got back home, and started...
  14. TampaTC

    For those that may want to share live feeds in todays work environment.

    I am a UAV pilot at work and have developed the program from nothing to getting funding and training others. It is not my major part of my job but it is a highly promotional part that highlights my department as well as myself. I fly construction projects, pre-designed, stages thru the process...
  15. G

    DJI Mavic Mini fly more combo w/ modded controller and Titan amp antenna

    DJI Mavic Mini 1 Fly More Combo, includes all original equipment and accessories. Drone has no damage and very little flight time. Mostly used for testing, approximately 10 flights or less. Also includes Titan Drones amplified long range antenna and custom modded controller from Covert Drones...
  16. S

    SOLD: $700 - Mavic 2 Zoom Drone Only + New set of Master Airscrew Propellers + Polar Pro Gimbal Cover

    $700 Mavic 2 Zoom Drone in Excellent Condition. Payment via Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo. $15 shipping extra - FedEX Ground/Home. Same day shipping if payment received prior to 4 pm CST, otherwise will ship next business day. Ships from Madison, WI to US lower 48 states only. Included in listing...
  17. A

    Images opened in PS, LR, and Cap1 are being cropped automatically and are entirely different from preview. Help!

    Hello folks! So i have been having this problem where editing software decided to shrink my raw files. When I compose my shot, i do it thru the DJI Go App, with my camera on 3:2 setting, with only RAW enabled. On the phone preview they look kinda pixelated and strange. I grt them home and the...
  18. A1r_m0ses_b

    Air 2 Graffiti in Athens

    Hello everybody, another video from graffitis in the city of Athens. Hope you enjoy it.
  19. Nature from above

    Mini crashed in the sea!!! max power load reached, propellors rotating to fast, esc beeping.

    Hey guys, Back again with a crash, My second crash i post on this forum, but my last! cuz this time It landed in the sea!!!😰 Watch the video and see the complete picture( in this case video...:) ⬇️
  20. O

    DashWare custom gauges - thoughts?

    Hi all, I followed along with some of the other members who created DashWare gauges and wanted to try my hand at it as well. Take a look and let me know if these look worthwhile or if there are any confusing parts of it. I combined data from the SRT logs and from the encrypted text file logs...