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  1. K

    Loose gimbal/camera

    I recently bought a Mavic off of eBay but I’m not sure if something’s wrong with the gimbal. It seems pretty loose when it’s off to the point where if I hold it side ways it turns and hits the side. Not sure if this is normal or not
  2. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier Ship Nordtajo - Tampa Bay

    Well, the "Horizon" set sail sometime last night, and today I looked on my Marine Tracker app, and it showed this new ship, the Bulk Carrier "Nordtajo" in it's place, with a home port of Valletta (the Capital of Malta). Soooooo...with three batteries full of power, a killer DJI Mavic 2 Pro...
  3. Slava Ivanov

    Denmark: Copenhagen, North Sea

    Hey everyone, Below are two of my videos I made over the trip to Denmark. I'm still practicing so all the thought are welcomed.
  4. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier "Horizon" - Tampa Bay, Florida

    So this 586' ship moored itself near my home the other day, so since it was gorgeous out, I wanted to get down there and get some drone footage of her before she departed. She was actually being filled (you'll see it in the video) with some type of mineral. Not sure what it was... But it was...
  5. desertvet38

    Following Jetski on Active Track Mode

    This jetski though he could outrun my DJI Mavic 2 beast mode (okay, not really "beast mode", but more like "active track mode"). Nope..maybe some other day, pal. This was taken on the Alafia River, by William's Park in Gibsonton.
  6. desertvet38

    Ships And Other Stuff Around The Bay

    These are some ships and other things I've taken from my Mavic Pro 2 around Tampa Bay. I was mostly concentrating on my transitions with the beat of the music. So...critique away (nicely please)… Safe flying! :-)
  7. F

    DJI Mavic Mini with DashWare

    Dashware lives on !
  8. desertvet38

    Star Lofoten (General Cargo Ship)

    This monster was moored in Gibsonton, right off of Tampa Bay this evening, so I went down there near sunset to get some video and some pics from my DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. I won't go there at sunset again...the sun faces directly into my lens where the best composition is, and it pretty much...
  9. desertvet38

    "Illovo River" Bulk Carrier Ship, Tampa

    This beautiful 590' bulk carrier ship, "Illovo River" was moored in Gibsonton, right off Tampa Bay and the Alafia River, so I just had to make the short drive to get my drone in the air and take some 2.7k, 30fps video, and pictures of her. My DJI Mavic 2 Pro rocks!
  10. Fishrelish

    Is the DJI sub 250 gram drone going to be the standard for drones in the future?

    So does anyone think the new standard for drones coming out in the future will be the sub 250 gram size? Obviously, DJI put the first one out but I wonder how many other manufactures are going to make one cramming high tech in such a small platform in the months to come as long as the FAA will...
  11. desertvet38

    Hillsborough County Sights

    Just a quick video I put together of some areas around where I live. I love living on the Gulf Coast. Lot's of wildlife and ships. Anyways, I've been practicing getting better at editing my videos, and I think this is the best one yet. You decide... Constructive criticism welcomed! Thanks...
  12. D

    I can't connect RC to the aircraft anymore (suddenly stopped connecting - cable is fine)

    Hi guys, I would love to find help here with a situation which makes me sad right now. About 2 weeks ago I bought my Mavic Mini Fly more combo. I did update the firmware and everything correctly (I'm not a newbie when it comes to the technical stuff I guess). Firstly, my DJI Fly app was...
  13. maxapeters

    Interesting Conversation with Police

    Hey guys, I had an interesting talk with a police officer while flying my drone on a Part107 flight just a few days ago and I thought I’d share it! I was out flying in a Class D airspace, I had unlocked the geo zone and gotten approval through LAANC when I was confronted by a police officer...
  14. IMG_20191228_124805 (1).jpg

    IMG_20191228_124805 (1).jpg

    DJI Drone explodes at 330 FT over US highway
  15. Mike0909

    How DJI Drones Help Fight the Coronavirus in China

    Recently I read some news about DJI deploying drones to help combat the Coronavirus from getting expansive. I thought it would be meaningful to share the stories here as sometimes drones can really become life-saving tools. Disinfection DJI has sent a volunteer team to disinfect the main...

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hi there I own a Mavic 2 Pro since last summer and since that time I am working on a drone hyperlapse of my hometown at night. In the meantime I published my first drone hyperlapse of the Winter Alps here. *** My status: Total flight time: 52 Hr Flight distance: 340'683m Total flights: 179
  17. zparker

    Simulation of DJI Phantom 2 hitting an aircraft wing at 238MPH

    This just recently came out of University of Dayton. Shows damage from a simulated drone strike by a DJI Phantom 2 at 238MPH. Seems they are trying to illustrate the dangers of recreational drones on manned aircraft. In this case a smaller fixed wing aircraft. When FOD hits an airfoil at a...
  18. L

    Dji Mavic 2 Zoom Gimbal Broken

    Hi All! New to the group and unfortunately I come bearing bad news. I was pushing my luck with my dji zoom and now I have a warning saying “gimball motor load to large” and “gimball obstructed”. The gimball almost rotates a full 360 but then stops on its final stages before being centre again...
  19. Shrimp Boat Docks

    Shrimp Boat Docks

    This is where the shrimp boats dock and do their business in Tampa, Florida. Beautiful place to go, if you're into shrimp boats, or boats in general.
  20. Oil Tanker Heading Out To The Gulf

    Oil Tanker Heading Out To The Gulf

    Had to fly my DJI Mavic 2 Pro out about a mile and a half to get this footage of an oil tanker heading out of Tampa Bay towards the Gulf of Mexico...destinat...