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  1. theoaristi53

    Air 1 Kala Nera, Pelion, Greece

  2. Yaros

    Failsafe Behavior in Enhanced Warning Zone with Mavic Air 2 - will it force land?

    Hello, I'm in an enhanced warning zone now, I want to fly, according to airmap I'm allowed to fly, I'm on the edge of the zone anyway. I found some people saying that if you're in an enhanced warning zone and the drone failsafe's (loses signal) it will force land, like when it runs out of...
  3. R

    Selling Barely used Mavic 2 Pro Fly more kit

    Hello Selling my barely used Mavic 2 Pro fly more kit. The batteries have no swelling and have only about 10 charges on each of them. Batteries have also been maintained. Also included is some ND and Circ-ND filters as well. I am located in Canada but will ship anywhere using FedEx, or UPS...
  4. DJW43

    SOLD____Mavic 3 Fly More Combo Open Box $2385

    activated 11/28/21 each of the 3 batteries have 1 charge. It has been flown 4 times for a total of less than 20 minutes. Looks and flies flawless , Pics and videos look good. I got to buy 2 at a good price, and want to sell one out. I would be happy to check anything specific. Shipping USPS...
  5. P

    Selling - DJI AIR 2s - 6 batteries - hard case - Dji Care 2 years - $1400 - price lowered! - ships from NE to USA only!

    DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo W/ 6 Batteries & Hard Case with 2 Year DJI Care Refresh Expires 4-14-23 Comes with- 6 Spare Batteries Remote Controller Hard Case 4 Spare Propeller Sets ND Filter Set Battery Hub Charger ————————— $1300 Dji air 2s fly more combo $345 in spare batteries...
  6. T

    New Mini 2 owner, need help!

    Hi all, I am a new owner of a DJI Mini 2 and I am having trouble with the DJI Fly app as I am sure a few others may be experiencing. It does not appear in the google play store when searching, so after doing a bit of web surfing, I went directly to the DJI website and downloaded the app directly...
  7. Yaros

    Color Assist with D-Cinelike on Mavic Air 2 not available?

    I saw this in the release notes of DJI fly app 1.4.2, now I have DJI fly 1.5.4 and this feature is not available. Is it only on the Air 2S? So there is no such feature on the Air 2?
  8. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro High Tatras

    Hey guys, here is my latest vlog including some Mavic 2 Pro drone shots in the High Tatras mountains. The light was not the best but definitely an epic place to hike and drone :)

    Will my phone fit in a mavic mini SE controller?

    I recently got a new phone that is 6.6 inches (167mm) however, I read that the maximum phone size is 160 mm. Will it still fit in the Mini SE controller?
  10. P

    How to make DJI Fly save photos into my android photo app

    Hi, I have a DJI mini 2. As of a couple of updates a go to DJI Fly, DJI Fly no longer saves photos to my inbuilt Android photos app while flying the drone. Rather now I have to go into DJI Fly after the flight and manually transfer the photos over. Is there any way I can get the photos to...
  11. hagman23

    *SOLD* Mavic Air 2 Flymore Combo w/ extras

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo. No crashes or cracks Comes with 3 batteries Three Battery Charger Remote Control 6 DJI ND Filters (ND4 — ND 256) 4 Pair New Propellers RC cables for Android & Apple devices Extra RC Sticks Box & all instruction manuals Skin from Decal Girl $650 for...
  12. Yaros

    A seagull almost took my drone down while I was overwater

    This was scary! I was returning my drone over water when suddenly out of nowhere I see a seagull flying into it, I push up but it's too late, my drone starts spinning and falling down! I see it spinning and then it loses signal. At that moment I was sure it fell into the sea and was preparing...
  13. Pasquale Josepe

    Mini 2 Incredible Beaches of Cancun Mexico!

    Wow did I ever need a vacation. I was able to bring my mini buddy with me too ; ). Cancun isn't just about some of the sexiest women you've ever seen. The beaches are incredible as well. I should just say 1 big beach as you'll see in the video. As always, I appreciate any likes, comments...
  14. C

    New DJI Air 2S 1-meter hover crashed to ground

    Hello, I've already noticed some tumble/jerk during my 2nd flight with some spontaneous gimbal/cam tilting down issues, it was absolutely scary. So I decided to do some 1-meter hover to see whether the tumble/jerk continues to happen. And yep, it started to shake in the air like hell, and then...
  15. mdreuben

    [SOLD] DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus V2.0 w/ Smart Controller

    With less than 100 flights total, this is a great kit that even includes two controllers. It has never been crashed. $1,275 Everything is in excellent condition. Please don't ask to part it out, this is a kit sale only. DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus V2.0 w/ Smart Controller 6 total Batteries...
  16. QldKing

    Air 2s #DJIAIR2S Mossman Gorge | Queensland | 5K [2021] Australia

    Mossman Gorge is a one-of-a-kind intersection between the natural and the legendary. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the stories, traditions, and culture of the Kuku Yalanji people, who have inhabited the Daintree Rainforest for more than 50,000 years. Guided walks and tours in the...
  17. A

    Proof of Concept - Connecting to WiFi Drone through 4G

    Hello Hardware and Software Pilots and Hackers. I was pretty impressed by the recent news of the Parrot Anafi AI drone as well as the new DJI Mavic 3 drone supporting flight over 4G. Despite hardware and software limitations including latency, they have made this work. I always thought that...
  18. QldKing

    Air 2s #DJIAIR2S "No Shadow at noon by Drone"| DARWIN | 4K [2021]

    🇦🇺#DJIAIR2S "No Shadow at noon by Drone"| DARWIN | 4K [2021] Darwin experienced a strange weather phenomenon when the sun was directly overhead and shadows disappeared completely. The Sun angle at local Noon in Darwin was 90 degrees altitude. This means there is effectively no visible shadow...
  19. RayKelly

    Air 2s Drone Meetup at Psychiatric Center in Kings Park, N.y

    Nice meetup with great guys flying FPV and GPS drones at the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center. https://
  20. H

    Any Epson Moverio BT-40 Glasses users for FPV? [USB-C to any phone, FHD]

    Guys, Here is an idea, ASUS ROG Phones all come with 2 USB-C ports, I have ROG2 phone as backup [moved to 12 pro max last year], so people can buy them second hand, i think ASUS is up to ROG4 or ROG5, so there are lots of second hand options. The second USB-C port is 10Gbps [the normal one is...