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  1. clackey

    New MavicPilots Twitter Feed

    For you twitter users out there, we are testing a new feed of our MP posts at MavicPilots (@mavicpilots) | Twitter. Check it out and follow us... Cassidy
  2. Cheech Wizard

    New DJI Drone? Spreading Wings S1000?

    Is this thing real? it's from 2014...
  3. F

    M2P - Flying by Douro River in Porto - DLOG-M

    Flying over Douro River in Porto, Portugal....from a sunny/foggy day to sunset...quick jorney about this gorgeous city. The Douro is one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. FOV - 4K - DLOG-M - DJI LUT If you like, follow my Instagram for more FlyingByDan (@flyingbydaniel) •...
  4. T

    ******Sold******Mavic Air for sale 500 "obo"

    Testing the airs .. Its in excellent condition and comes with battery, charger, and remote.
  5. shelduck

    [4K] Drone Footage / One Year with my Drone

    Hello ! After one year of fliying with the help of my DJI Mavic Pro, I have the pleasure of introducing you to the video which regroups my best images. Between the sea of Brittany, the mountains in the Alps, the Lake of Geneva and the steep valleys of Switzerland, come discover a world like...
  6. N

    Mavic 2 Hasselblad - Brazil

    Hello Mavic friends! Just got my hands on the new Mavic 2 Hasselblad. Incredible how silent the drone is. Haven't done any flight yet cause i need to put it into regulations first. Had done some footage 4k HQ - h265 without flying, and seems aweeeesome, heavy files tough. I tried to bind up...
  7. B

    Learning how to do Edits

    What do you guys think?
  8. B

    Villages Nature Paris filmed with DJI Mavic Air

    Hi, i allready filmed this with my Osmo Mobile 2. But now let's change perspective with some areal footage. Have fun and thanks for watching!!!
  9. M

    @murdison on instagram

    Hey All, Greg from NY looking to make some drone friends find me on Instagram @Murdison
  10. A

    **SOLD** - Mavic Pro Fly More Plus Extras - Like New

    FOR SALE - DJI Mavic Pro/Fly more drone with original packaging I am also including extra items. This drone is in like new condition. I've flown it five times and never crashed. I am asking $700 paypal. I will cover shipping in the US. Standard Items 2 Extra batteries 2 Extra propellers 2...
  11. F

    DJI Mavic 2 Pro ND Filters - Skyreat

    Hi, So i've got 3pc @Skyreat ND filters for my Mavic 2 Pro. The fit and finish of these filters is very good. They came in a plastic case and microfiber cloth. For the install i just need to grasp the camera barrel, rotate the stock Filter, remove it and apply the @Skyreat ND Filter. Beware...
  12. andyd01275

    Maximum Hieght Question

    I did this Shoot yesterday, and I reviewed the flight data when I got back and found that I had gone over 400ft by 7ft. In the app I have it set to 400ft max, so my question is why would it of flown over the max hieght and especially as I was at see lever as you can see in the footage. Thanks in...
  13. C

    Spark vs Mavic Pro vs Phantom 3P

    Hello all, I am trying to decide on my first drone, I will mainly like it to take good stills and decent video. I've decided I'll go used, so my budget is anywhere between $500-$700. Which drone, of the three listed above you believe will be better for a complete novice that has never flown a...
  14. I

    My mind, there is only one Mavic 2 togo for

    So, with two to choose from, which Mavic 2 is best value for money?In my mind there is only one..
  15. joshmentele

    Black Hills of South Dakota: The Needles

    This video was shot using the DJI Mavic Pro in 4K 30 FPS in the Needles of South Dakota. Let me know what you guys think of it!
  16. A

    Canadian DJI Buyers

    Hey guys, as a Canadian customer I have discovered that it is significantly cheaper to purchase direct from the DJI.com website rather than any retailer in Canada. You end up saving several hunder of dollars on tax since DJI does not charge sales tax. DJI includes shipping and tax in their...
  17. L

    Sold: DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo & DJI Care Refresh: $775

    I am the original owner and I bought this drone at B&H on June 1st 2018. It has only been flown twice, both times in my back yard. Essentially, I just went up to the height of my two story house, hovered, flew around in my back yard a while, and then landed. I’m sure that it has less than 30...
  18. V

    Selling my Mavic Pro (perfect condition) + accessories -> $650! => SOLD

    Hello, the drone is in absolutely perfect condition. This mavic pro combo includes: - DJI official bag-pack - 2 sets of propellers (one set are the new low-noise high-efficiency ones) - 2 batteries - Polar pro ND filters (use them to record very bright scenes for better video quality) - Original...
  19. P

    DJI not so bad after all?

    We all like to bash DJI's service, usually with good reason. However, I recently had a positive experience. I crashed my Mavic Air into a tree. Other than broken propellers there was no visible damage on the drone or the battery. The battery remained in place. However, the battery no longer...