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  1. N

    SOLD - New DJI Mavic Air - $500.00 shipped

    New, sealed DJI Mavic Air. $500.00 shipped. Accept PayPal (gift) or cash app. Located in Daytona Beach.
  2. I

    UK Drone Inquiry starts 11/06/2019. Watch it live online

    Important evidence being presented to the Science & Technology Committee 11/06/2019 on the future of Drone use in the UK.. EVIDENCE HEARING: Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK - ikopta
  3. Daemonforce

    locations in and around Dorset

    hi everyone i am looking at getting a dji mavic 2 pro next year, but am worried about places i can fly i would like to video the beach and piers, old harry rock, sandbanks, hengistbury head i know the drones are limited to 400ft which i would never dream of flying that high maybe 120-250 at...
  4. H

    DJI Meets Transport Canada Requirements for Flights Near People

    DJI Customers May Fly Nine Popular Models Near People And In Controlled Airspace Two out of three, and one step closer to meeting all of the advanced operations requirements in Canada. Hopefully they'll re-visit this NAV Canada process for having to pre-authorize all flights in controlled...
  5. I

    Just tried out the Tyfoto ND Filters for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro... errrr

    Just tried out the Tyfoto nd filters for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. At the price.. look good value for money, but then I guess you get what you pay for. There's a reason good ND Filters are the price they are.
  6. TechVoyager

    Is the DJI forum down? Its not opening since 2-3 days.

    Is the DJI forum down [The original DJI forum] ? Its not opening since 2-3 days. Any idea?
  7. Roy Rogers

    DJI is taking the next step in Safety

  8. ClaudioSr

    Little Spark into the woods

    I'm a proud DJI Mavic Pro owner and recently bought a DJI RE Goggles... Amazing experience flying with Goggles. So just couple weeks ago i got a Spark (Too much rain this season in Massachusetts) for fun in and out of the house. This Saturday we had this amazing weather so I decide to fly my...
  9. D

    DJI Phantom 4 for trade for a DJI Mavic Pro

    I have a DJI Phantom 4 for trade for a DJI Mavic pro. I would need the mavic pro to have at least 2 batteries,carrying case, controller, gimbal cover, extra props, charging cable, and a multi charger (Depends on trade), If not a multi charger then the regular cable. My drone is like new and I...
  10. Aerial-Pixel

    DJI OSMO Action Pricing Released and Is Available Now!

    The DJI OSMO Action was just released! Pricing is what I expected it to be to stay competitive with GoPro. I just placed my order, right now DJI says it ships in 1 business day, I'll report back with my thoughts and comparisons.
  11. TechVoyager

    A beautiful bike ride to the beautiful Kotagiri Hill station [Video]

    Just some newbie amateur drone shots for your feedbacks. Raw footages no color grading. And through the eyes of our beloved Mavic Air [0,0,0, Auto settings, Normal Scene, No D-Cinelike] Trying to fly more and learn more.. Hope you enjoyed this video. Please support the channel by hitting the...
  12. S

    Brand new 2 Pro with DJI Care and extras

    I purchased this 2 Pro back in April for a trip to Banff Canada and Glacier National Park that unfortunately fell through due to surgery. This was easier to take then my Inspire. So this is up for sale. Mavic Pro 2 with 4 minutes of testing flight time on it. Comes with everything included in...
  13. D

    Anyone knows any Fields or park in Westchester County or Bronx to fly mavic pro 2 zoom?

    I just got my mavic pro 2 zoom Anyone know’s any Fields or park to fly my mavic pro 2 zoom? Looking to fly any where in Westchester County, NY or the Bronx, I currently live in Elmsford, NY. Thanks.
  14. I

    IF You fly DJIGO4 app with iOS Check this setting NOW!

    Save your self some pain. IF You fly DJIGO4 app with iOS Check this setting NOW! It could save you a wasted trip/embarressment. Defo needs to be part of any flyers preflight BEFORE leaving civilisation.
  15. A

    DJI APAS mavic 2 pro Quickie

  16. K

    Using Hudl tablet as screen. Problems with DJI Go4

    I have a Tesco Hudl tablet which I used with DJI Go when I had an Inspire 1 BUT I now have a Mavic 2Pro and I can't get the DJI Go4 APP to work with it. I always get the message "Unfortunately DJI GO 4 has stopped" when I try to open it on the Hudl. I've tried reloading but the same thing...
  17. S

    SOLD - DJI Goggles RE - New!

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased the DJI Mavic 2 Pro bundled with the DJI Goggles Racing Edition. I purchased directly from DJI.com. After realizing that the goggles are too clunky for me to travel with, I'm willing to sell them for a great price. I've only used the goggles twice, for about...
  18. R

    The Haircut

    Short youtube video of my mavic haircut...
  19. quadroger

    Jura Cement Wildegg - Switzerland - jc (cement mill)

    Short video of the Jura Cement Mill - Wildegg - Switzerland
  20. remotepilot

    Flying Around Weber Canyon, Utah

    Flying Around Weber Canyon, Utah Greetings Fellow Dronies, A few miles from my home is wide open Weber Canyon. This area has it's fair share of history with The Donner-Reed Party traveling in the canyon, the Mormon Pioneers and quite a number of early trappers and mountain men. Now, it is a...