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  1. Yaros

    Minor crash - change propellers or not?

    Today I took off partially under a tree and then flew right into the tree, the drone got stuck, I retrieved it back and flew it one time, it flew okay after that. However, after checking the propellers, they are fine except that the paint is missing in some parts of the propeller. Should I...
  2. Yaros

    Best practices for flying in cold/freezing temperatures with the mavic air 2?

    I will be flying my mavic air 2 in freezing temperatures for the first time in a few days, I'm coming to Ukraine now in January and the temperatures are below 0°C (32°F). What are your suggestions for doing so safely? What I already know: Only fly in good weather, no rain or wet snow The...
  3. Yaros

    MA2 got very wet during New Year flight! What should I do?

    I have been flying 20 minutes during new year 2022 to record some fireworks and some other stuff, it wasn't raining, but the humidity and condensation was 100%, it was like falling really small droplets of water from the sky, I thought that it's not a problem for the drone, the spinning...
  4. S

    Geek Squad vs DJI Refresh SoCal

    Fellow Drone Enthusiasts, I am going to be purchasing DJI Air 2s as my first drone in the very near future(hopefully today) and I was wondering about a couple combinations of insurance options I've researched. One is to get the DJI Refresh on its own. Another option is to go with the Best Buy...
  5. M

    Newbie looking to buy 1st Drone Advice- I am in Canada this week, but live in the US

    Hey all, My first post here, I'm excited to be a part of the forums. I am getting into drones for the main reason that I do Real Estate, and think it would help my business immensely. I will like to eventually get an Air2s, or the 3 when it comes out in the near future. For now, I am...
  6. D

    Drone operation in Redhook, Brooklyn

    Hi, I am Part 107 certified and have been asked By a University to take photos of a local farm in Redhook, Brooklyn. The area is clear to fly according to B4UFly but i understand drones are prohibited throughout NYC. Is there a way i can perform this task at all? We have permission from the...
  7. R

    Advice Needed, Flying Offshore of the Big Island

    Hi all, I'm planning to do some offshore flying from the Big Island in 2020 and I'm looking for some local knowledge so I can better plan my trip. 1. Are there times of the year that I should avoid flying because of weather/wind? 2. I've read some threads about taking off/landing from boats...
  8. C

    Never flown + 5 week road trip, need advice (lots of it)

    Family is taking a road trip through 8 states of the USA with the kids. Lots of hikes, lots of landmarks. I'd love to get amazing footage. Today was about to buy a Mavic 2 Pro, and then I saw a bunch of accessories and realized I don't know what I'm doing. I have zero droning experience aside...
  9. droneduder

    Purchasing advice: M2Z

    First post, been reading about Mavics for the past week. TLDR; I own a DIY quad racer running Omnibus F4 using Betaflight and DIY 550 hex with gimbal and HD cam running a Pixhawk and using Ardupilot. My FPV has been limited to crappy eachine goggles. Needless to say I have countless hours...
  10. B

    DJI Mavic Air battery at 0% for 8/9 days

    Hi all, As the title reads, this is a real simple question. Recently (last Sunday - 6th Jan) I had a fly across Europe and had to completely discharge and drain all three of my Mavic Air batteries to 0%, as per the manual protocol. This being an evening flight, I stored all my packing away...
  11. S

    Recommendation as to suitability

    Hi folks, Looking for some advice on whether the Mavic Air would be a suitable drone as a first purchase for my disabled son. He has no functionality in his right arm so trying to find a drone which is fairly automatic in its operation. I.e auto take off, flight and return using his own...
  12. S

    Hi all from Essex, UK

    Hi all, just got back from holiday and after watching someone with a drone, I now have a Mavic Air turning up tomorrow, looking for any areas locally that are ideal for a newbie and are safe.
  13. Gordon Albert

    Greetings From A New Pilot, Sarawak Malaysia

    Greetings from Sarawak, Malaysia, Just bought my Mavic Pro Platinum last weekend. Did a first solo flight, basically manual takeoffs and landings, climbing and hoovering and fly around to test the unit. My hands still trembling due to nervousness:eek::eek:... Need more practice and guide from...
  14. R

    potential new Mavic pilot

    Hi everyone, new to the forum so it's my first post. I wanted other peoples opinions and experience with flying drones around St Helens area and the northwest in general. I currently live in class D airspace so I appreciate the rules regarding this. flying under 400ft, not flying over people...
  15. Z

    Bad day at the office

    So it finally happened to me: Pick Pocketed in a flash. So my Iphone 7+ is gone and I now have to fall back on old ipads and phones in storage. So I need some advice to help until I can replace: Can a ipad mini with 9.2.3 work. Tried to download go4 but no go. Will dji go work? what possible...
  16. R

    Refurb and warranty help

    Hi First time posting on here. Just couple of questions. I was thinking of buying a refurb Mavic Pro. I’m from the UK and the site that i would be using is Anybody out there used them before? Are they any good? Secondly, are refurbs generally safe to buy. I’ve read a few forums...
  17. Hawkeye

    Should I update from 01.03.0800 to the lastest firmware? - New Mavic, New Pilot

    Hello everyone! I just got my Mavic and haven't flown it yet. I already activated it and was wondering if I should update from 01.03.0800 (out of the box) to the latest firmware or just leave it as it is. What would be the pros and cons of my current firmware vs the latest? I'm on iOS (iPhone...
  18. P

    Video from my first few flights

    Hey Guys! Living on the outskirts of Sydney, and I just got a mavic for Christmas. I’ve made a video just messing about at my local park. Any tips and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks - Philpyy
  19. G

    DJI Care Refresh Problems - Advice Sought

    I am looking for advice. I sent my Mavic Pro in for its first Refresh a couple of weeks ago. The damage included 2 broken Platinum (low noise) propellers that were purchased at the advice of sales in the DJI Flagship store in Hong Kong. DJI has refused to replace the blades, citing an...
  20. fozza

    New Mavic Flyers (Platinum or Pro)

    Hi Guys, I've got a pre order in for the MPP upgrading from a P3A. There seems to be a few newbies like me coming to the Mavic party with this model so was wondering if you seasoned flyers could give us some pointers and advice on things like good websites to check out, good you tube channels...