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fstop labs

  1. Trees138

    4 filters for the Mavic 2 Pro

    Alright, I have filter sets from 3 different manufacturers and the OEM clear. I am not doing a detailed performance test as I'm still waiting on the newest revision of one ND16. I'd prefer to compare as Apples to Apples as possible. I also need to reach out to SkyReat and see if they want me...
  2. K

    Did anyone from Europe ordered from FStop Labs?

    Hello, as in Germany or Europe I couldn t find anyhere ND-PL Filters for Mavic Air in stock, I ordered a set from Fstop Labs, thinking they re shipping from US. Little did I know that "all international orders are shipped from China/Hongkong", so: Did anyone from Europe ordered from FStop Labs...