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  1. Ghost_ATX

    What is your funniest/craziest/scariest drone rescue story (tree, water, mountain, etc.)

    I doubt anyone will be able to top zaceshighz's cargo ship rescue (epic!), but I'm curious to know what lengths folks have gone to in order to rescue their Mavics when they've lost them or gotten them stuck somewhere. I was once stopped and questioned by police for standing on the hood of my...
  2. UAV Man

    Sense of humour at DJI

    I had to post this, did they not see the launch event?!! I'd say they are fine in the 'Creative writing' department...:D:D:D:p:p
  3. UAV Man

    Love the Karma.... NOT

    Haha, love the iPhonedo reviews.... well when he's not doing bad music videos...