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galaxy s7

  1. TrayBoz

    Flashing RC and HD Icons on Galaxy S7 with full bars

    I've noticed that the HD Icon and RC Icon also flash most of the time when I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S7, even though I have full bars. This can even happen if the mavic is directly above me. It seems to fly fine and the video signal looks fine and everything is functioning normally. This...
  2. X

    Android app just started to randomly close after update..

    I have flew my drone many times now fine never had an issue. I first used GO regular for a while until it told me its not supported and to use go 4 so i used go 4 and had no issues till Sunday when I updated the app to latest version. Now I will be flying and I look at my phone (s7 regular) and...
  3. Gringorio

    Hot Phone (Galaxy S7)

    Hey ya'll, Tonight I was upgrading the firmware for the Mavic and the controller. After that I attached the Galaxy S7 to the controller to make some more changes to the gimbal etc.. During this time, about one hour, the phone became really hot. Not warm, but hot. Did I do something wrong or...