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  1. M

    Video Feed For Samsung Galaxy S7 Users

    I currently run a Samsung galaxy s7 active, and up until the 4.2.20 firmware update on june 10th 2018 the mavic was running smooth. I film in a lot of remote locations where drone laws are non existent and would frequently fly out over 2 miles with little live video lag or dropout. (SEE IMAGE...
  2. Raymondo

    DJI Go 4 crash on Galaxy S8 since 29 April

    Flew with out of the box S8 on 29 April. Tried again yesterday, but dji go 4 app crashes on start up. 'Screen res not supported'. Have not changed it since last flight. Tried alternatives resolutions but still crashed. Go 4 will not start 'dji go 4 app keeps stopping', but it actually never...
  3. S

    SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 2017

    Any one tried this new phone yet ? I have a galaxy A3 that won't work with the mavic pro, but my partner has the A5 (2016) which is ok, I'm thinking of upgrading to the new A5 2017 model (better camera etc) as it's new I hav'nt found any info regarding compatabilty, I don't fancy buying this...
  4. P

    Samsung Galaxy Tablet A6

    Hello, As you probably know by now I am having 'No Signal' appearing on this tablet every few minutes while flying as I wrote about here. The connection to the Aircraft seems fine. My Question please: Do you use Samsung Galaxy Tablet A6 as your screen viewer with the Mavic?? If you have...
  5. P


    HELP PLEASE with MAVIC PRO from you experienced people. I got new drone delivered before Christmas but did not use until Christmas Day using my Samsung 7edge. everything OK except I noticed a Tremour/Shudder when taking off which I wrote about on this forum. I got a New Samsung GalaxyTablet A6...