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gimbal angle shooting

  1. S

    Gimbel Wants to Point Down

    First post! I’m presently using our team Mavic2 Enterprise Advanced drone to conduct ground searches in Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec. I’m seeking assistance with a Gimbal issue we are having on our SAR missions. It seems when we run a SAR grid using DJI Pilot Mission Flight the gimbal wants to...
  2. C

    BUG: Mini 2 Gimbal Tilt Issues in Sport Mode

    Has anyone had issues with the gimbal in sport mode? It regularly tilts downwards itself but also more frustrating is when banking left or right the gimbal doesn't level with the horizon and instead tilts on an angle left or right depending which way I'm banking. It's not a constant issue but...
  3. Octopus.Violinus

    DJI GO App Gimbal Controls?

    First time post. I looked around a bit, but didn't see this addressed anywhere already, apologies if this has already been addressed in another thread. When I use the RC controller for my Mavic Pro there is a little D-pad next to the right stick, which by-default moves the camera from...
  4. T

    Gimbal angle and shooting video

    So I got my new mavic yesterday and I'm learning how to use it aNd I am loving it. One things I can't figure out how to control the camera like tilt up and down smoothly. When I move the knob down the gimbal just goes from shooting straight to shooting down like 90 degree. I can't figure out...