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gimbal arm snapped

  1. J

    Can this be Gimbal part be repaired easily, or does it need to be sent into DJI

    Problem? Gimbal vibration error, vibration is very noticable. Was unit in a crash? Yes What have you tried so far? IMU recalibration and DJI Assistant calibration and update to latest firmware. Physical inspection revealed damage to the Gimbal, see picture. Can this damage be...
  2. Z

    Mavic Gimbal Issue (loose)

    I recently crashed my drone and it looked like the rubber end for the anti-vibration stuff came loose. Anyone know how to put it back in? I tried with tweezers and small screwdrivers...anyone know of a tool that would make it easier?
  3. B

    Mavic air broken gimbal arm

    Using my mavik air yesterday I got it stuck in a tree (pilot error). It was low enough to get down from the tree and I had two friends below to catch it. Well....they let it slip through both of their hands and it slammed into the concrete driveway. The drone still flies fine but one of the...