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gimbal obstruction

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    Hardware issue: Gimbal Obstruction - Auto restarting....Is there a fix?

    Hello, My Mavic Pro is having a gimbal issue. When I turn it on, the gimbal keeps restarting with an error message on the iPhone saying "Gimbal Obstruction" and it gets stuck restarting. I saw two possible fixes posted by other users suggesting 1. starting the MP while upside down?? and 2...
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    camera gimbal obstruction restarting (gimbal overloaded) help pls

    I fly around 10times and after i get message gimbal obstruction and i tried it calibrate sometimes it do. But usually it don't start calibrating. I try IMU and compass then was successful but cant take off. after restart same problem. I tried give down 2 bumper to make space and it calibrate...