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gimbal problem

  1. C

    No Gimbal movement and no video feed

    I was having gimbal motor error after landing a hill with stones. But the gimbal and video was ok. Just cannot calibrate the gimbal and it was knocking. Anyway i tried to replace the ribbon and BOOM. No video now and no movement of gimbal. Then i changed the silver cable (video transmittin) but...
  2. Q

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Problems

    Problem? Mavic Pro gimbal spazzes out upon startup Was unit in a crash? Yes, 1 month ago, but flew fine for a month What have you tried so far? calibration, factory reset, replaced gimbal with this part (Sign in or Register | eBay) What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)...
  3. J

    Intermittent gimbal & SD card problems

    My Mavic is three months old and relatively trouble free until now. Getting an intermittent SD card not present (though it is in there) and no gimbal control on the remote. When it does work, the SD card will format and the gimbal will calibrate. Had it out this morning and on power up said SD...
  4. C

    Any Mavic owner in the North East England??

    Hi, I have a Mavic which I bought for my honeymoon and the 'aircraft motor overload' issue has raised its ugly head. I will never get it back in time so I was hoping to pay someone to borrow one for a week for a payment and also I would leave a nice deposit too to ensure I'm genuine. I am so...
  5. S

    Hardware issue: Gimbal Obstruction - Auto restarting....Is there a fix?

    Hello, My Mavic Pro is having a gimbal issue. When I turn it on, the gimbal keeps restarting with an error message on the iPhone saying "Gimbal Obstruction" and it gets stuck restarting. I saw two possible fixes posted by other users suggesting 1. starting the MP while upside down?? and 2...