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gimbal ribbon replaced

  1. nom3d

    Aircraft Motor Overload - Fix myself or send to DJI?

    I purchased a Mavic on eBay May 7th 2017. Received it May 12th 2017. I did not purchase DJI Care, refresh or any extended warranty. I have never crashed the mavic and always kept it safe in a case. I have probably flown the mavic 20 times since purchase. On June 21st 2017 I went to fly the mavic...
  2. C

    Gimbal Not Working / Overload

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Mavic & drones overall. I had a minor crash. The props were broken, apart from that everything seemed fine. I changed the props. I tried a flight, the Mavic flies just fine, my camera was recording, but a wobbbly/shaky image. I then realized my gimbal's back "anti drop...