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gimbal twitch

  1. B

    Mini 2 with replaced gimbal tilts briefly while flying

    Hey guys and gals! I apologize if this has been answered before, but after replacing the gimbal on my Mini 2 (from a bound unit, but gimbal was perfectly fine) I find that the camera tilts every now and again while flying. Happens in all modes, speeds, tilts, etc... I've calibrated the gimbal...
  2. mb34928

    Weird issue - Gimbal twitch - Mini 3 Pro w/RC

    I had an issue with my gimbal during low signal strength to my controller @ about 2300 FT out. I upload the logs to phantom help and there is 10 seconds missing during the time of the glitch I did see and respond to a post of a similar issue, but it was Mini 2 that was landing. My initial...