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gimbal vibration

  1. G

    [SOLVED] Uncommon Abnormal Gimbal Vibration

    Hello, Two weeks ago I flew my Mavic Pro next to a railway track. When it took off, it started doing some unexpected movements, I literally couldn't even control it. My remote controller showed up: magnetic interference, I tried to bring it down but unfortunately I couldn't, so it crashed from...
  2. MavicNgoose333

    ISO help - disabled veteran, limited income

    I am at a very low point in life and recently received a Mavic Pro as a gift to lift my spirits... I fell in love with the rush of being able to fly a mile or two out an d 300 feet in the air to see parts of my hometown of Mobile, Alabama, and I’ve even received a load of compliments on the few...
  3. F

    First Crash

    Had my first crash yesterday, but it was a fairly gentle one -- into a cedar tree whose boughs caught the drone and prevented it from going all the way to the ground. Still lost pieces out of all props though, and now I have a "gimbal vibration abnormal" message. Is there anywhere to find a very...
  4. J

    Mavic Pro Shutter Speed/Motion Blur issue after crash

    I recently purchased the Mavic and was very impressed. After about an hour in beginner mode I got too confident and turned it off. I ended up crashing the drone into a tree. The drone's props had broken and the drone itself had minor aesthetic damage, a couple of scrapes. However after getting...