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[SOLVED] Uncommon Abnormal Gimbal Vibration


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Sep 25, 2018

Two weeks ago I flew my Mavic Pro next to a railway track. When it took off, it started doing some unexpected movements, I literally couldn't even control it.
My remote controller showed up: magnetic interference, I tried to bring it down but unfortunately I couldn't, so it crashed from 2 meters high approximately.

I checked the drone but apparently nothing was broken, there was just a strange new noise that seemed to be coming from the camera engines every time I turned on the drone or turned it off.
I left the area and tried to fly again. When it was flying, the gimbal started moving around crazy (like if it wasn't stabilized) and my DJI GO app showed up: Gimbal Abnormal Vibration so I took it down again.

A couple of days ago I did some research in Google (so I found this forum and other ones) regarding my problem: Abnormal Gimbal Vibration. All the forums I've read about the problem came to the same conclusion,
they say the problem comes from:

a) Rubber Bands broken.
b) The rear of the gimbal support frame is "hooked" up the black plastic L-bracket.

Sadly neither of that is my case, the rubbers appear to be ok besides of the gimbal is hooked under the black plastic. The day it crashed I was flying my Mavic Pro with the latest DJI Firmware, DJI Go app, NFZ...
I've done IMU calibration, Gimbal Calibration, Camera Calibration in DJI Assistant but nothing changed...

ALSO, a day ago I did a teardown of my drone and I disassembled the gimbal part to check if something was wrong, however apparently is OK (photos attached).

I think the problem comes from the camera engines (due strange sound when panning), the gimbal anti-vibration plate seems to be ok.
Check this footage recorded some days ago:

1.- Does it do it on a table when the Mavic is turned on but the motors are off? When it's turned off no, but when the motors start and I pan the camera from top to bottom, the gimbal starts moving crazy doing the strange sound.
2.- Are you flying a Pro with Platinum props? No, original ones.
3.- Damaged props? No.
4.- Any modification? No.
5.- What device are you using? iPhone 8.
6. DJI Care? No.

Thank you in advance for your help, I really hope it gets solved soon to fly again..

You probably have a damaged gimbal motor assembly.

Replaced Gimbal Motor Assembly by a new one.


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