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abnormal gimbal vibration

  1. H

    I broke the clip used to fix the "Gimbal vibration abnormal" error

    So the title says it. I broke the clip off (where the arrow is pointing). Is there anyway I can stabilize it? (Duct tape etc.)
  2. T

    Gimbal Overload Error - Works when keeping sideway

    Hi there, I constantly get Gimbal Overload errors after start up (Never had a crash or anything similar). The funny thing is that the gimbal works normally when booting the Mavic keeping it sideways. In that case it works for a couple of minutes, after that it starts to go crazy and twists and...
  3. J

    Can this be Gimbal part be repaired easily, or does it need to be sent into DJI

    Problem? Gimbal vibration error, vibration is very noticable. Was unit in a crash? Yes What have you tried so far? IMU recalibration and DJI Assistant calibration and update to latest firmware. Physical inspection revealed damage to the Gimbal, see picture. Can this damage be...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] Uncommon Abnormal Gimbal Vibration

    Hello, Two weeks ago I flew my Mavic Pro next to a railway track. When it took off, it started doing some unexpected movements, I literally couldn't even control it. My remote controller showed up: magnetic interference, I tried to bring it down but unfortunately I couldn't, so it crashed from...
  5. B

    "Abnormal Gimbal Vibration"

    Hey all, My mavic received a warning, "abnormal gimbal vibration", while flying this weekend. Can anyone help point me in a direction to fix this? Thanks!