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  1. Zerogravity779

    Video Transmission Cuts Out.....

    Video Transmission glitches on Mavic Pro Platinum with updated firmware and running Android 4.3.24 (latest release) on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Read through other older threads and have reset all settings to factory multiple times, formatted SD card with both PC and the Mavic, tried older versions...
  2. lizouv

    Help - New Pano mode can't be accesed.

    Hey Guys, I wanted to use the new Pano mode for the Mavic, I have everything up to date. Mavic firmware v01.04.0100 controller v01.04.0100, DJI GO 4 App V4.1.18. I'm currently using an Iphone SE with the latest Firmware IOS 11.2 I can actually see the mode in the app, however, when I click on...