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  1. Zerogravity779

    Video Transmission Cuts Out.....

    Video Transmission glitches on Mavic Pro Platinum with updated firmware and running Android 4.3.24 (latest release) on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Read through other older threads and have reset all settings to factory multiple times, formatted SD card with both PC and the Mavic, tried older versions...
  2. R

    Lost Mavic in woods

    I lost my mavic!!! In airdata the flight log location is not where it’s found. Here is the data if anyone else can find out where it might be! Thanks! Airdata UAV - Flight Data Analysis for Drones
  3. D

    First 4k flight -27ºC - glitches in video

    Merry Christmas everyone! First flight with the mavic today. -27ºC here. Here's the video: I put the drone outside and had it acclimatize to the cold, while keeping battery warm inside. The gimbal was excellent in the cold, no vibrations but there is some glitching in the video every once in...