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    Flying in heavy forest or jungle

    I am a new Mavic Pro Platinum and DJI goggles owner and have not yet flown. Next July I hope to take my drone with me to Africa and see if I can film some mountain gorillas. However, I am not sure what kind of terrain or vegetation conditions I will encounter. Does anyone have any...
  2. E

    Are DJI Goggles good for anything else?

    Got my goggles recently and am mostly happy with them. The fit isn't the greatest but its a minor complaint, and theres a bit too much light leak around the bottom but maybe I just have a misshapen head? In any case, I am wondering what else are they good for? Does anyone make an interface...
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    DJI Goggles Finally here, but illegal!

    Is it me or are these googles totally illegal? Unless you have another visual observer with you, you can NOT legally fly without visual line of sight. Don't get me wrong I would love to try them. And for those of us with Inspires where the camera can be controlled by a second person this...