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goggles cardboard litchi

  1. K

    Mavic new Pilot, Few problems and questions....

    Hello Everyone I'm obviously a new Mavic Pilot, and new on this forum and I have few questions and problem around it, I try to find my answer on this amazing website but I didn't : - I can not connect my Iphone with a regular Iphone cable via the classic usb under the remote, It will be perfect...
  2. GerdS

    Good VR Goggles for use with Litchi App

    I got nice foldable Cardboard VR goggles made of silicone, which is perfect to take with the Mavic and to be used with the Litchi app. They came with a nice little box for transport. I found it on Amazon Germany but maybe it's also available here. + Foldable and not as bulky as competitors +...