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goggles re

  1. droneduder

    Purchasing advice: M2Z

    First post, been reading about Mavics for the past week. TLDR; I own a DIY quad racer running Omnibus F4 using Betaflight and DIY 550 hex with gimbal and HD cam running a Pixhawk and using Ardupilot. My FPV has been limited to crappy eachine goggles. Needless to say I have countless hours...
  2. P

    DJI goggles not working properly

    DJI RE goggles are very problematic. I purchased a set a few days back, took them home, set them up, following the instructions to the letter. Activated them via DJI Assistant 2, Updated the software to the latest firmware, configured them to connect to my DJI Mavic Pro. Briefly tested them out...
  3. C

    Googles living up to DJI's reputation. I'm having flashbacks!

    I've owned a Mavic Pro for just over a year. It has been a mixed bag of pleasure and frustration. Mostly frustration. After going through DJI repair purgatory a couple of times and later Drone Nerds (never did really did get my camera issue resolved) for repair I finally put it back in it's...