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golden hour

  1. Morning Panorama

    Morning Panorama

    Caught the peak of the golden hour this morning.
  2. G

    2nd Video with a bit more flight time under my belt. Would love some feedback.

    Been flying a bit more and trying out some manoeuvres, especially circling around a point of interest, and flying over subjects with camera pointing down 90 degrees. I feel I am making progress and getting braver, although still struggle a bit with lining things up and judging distance from...
  3. Porto Cristo Church

    Porto Cristo Church

    Golden hour photo of the church clock tower in Porto Cristo, Mallorca
  4. Yaros

    Air 2 Porto Cristo at Golden Hour - Gorgeous Sunset & Colours

    Sunset Golden Hour
  5. Yaros

    Air 2 Mallorca's Unique Landscape

  6. Savon W.

    Sunrise/Sunset - Golden Hour Thread

    Since the dawn of photography people have been drawn to sunrise and sunset. From the long dramatic shadows that stretch on for miles to the ruby red hues with contrasting deep blues. I'd like to see how everyone uses the most dynamic natural light to compose their shots. How does it effect what...
  7. dabrusci

    Golden Hour in Miami!

    Hi Guys, Here's my latest video: I hope you all enjoy it! I'm always open to keep learning and constructive critics :) Thanks guys!!
  8. A

    Amazingly beautiful sunrise - 4K

  9. Ebonicus

    Hello Pilots!

    Hi All, I'm new, from Central CA. Love my mavic, I am a perpetual beginner aerial photographer, wanna-be video making geek dude. I have 1000 hours flying racers, toys, and quad sims. Here's one my my recent shots: Also, I build apps for fun. Actually I built the Quadriem flight app for...
  10. P

    Winter in the Mountains in Austria (4K)

    Last week I made my another video with the Mavic during my trip in Austria during the golden hour :)