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google maps

  1. Yaros

    Mavic on Google Street View - Found a random drone flying on Google Maps

    This is kind of random. I was trying to find a good place to fly nearby using Google Maps, then I stumbled across a nice lighthouse and thought it is a very good location to fly, but just to see it more in detail, I went into Street View. Upon looking around, I saw a drone (looks like Mavic 1...
  2. T

    Create your own no-fly-map?

    Hi, following the rule „don’t trust a map, that you didn’t create yourself“, I want to build my own no-fly-map for my hometown in Germany. I would like to have several layers in Google maps or earth, showing all the areas, where done flying is prohibited in Germany. That are railways, highways...
  3. Drone Master

    Google Maps lost on latest FW?

    Is it me or has DJI officially removed google maps from the latest app and firmware?